Dogs and Gondola Rides in Your Backyard

Shaded Trails Dog Friendly

With Valentines Day fast approaching one might find themselves looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. With numerous items to purchase it is easy to forget to check out activities that are offered in your own backyard.   There is one such activity that will transport you all the way to the romantic canals of Venice, Italy on a once in a lifetime gondola ride at the Gondola Company. Located in Coronado California, The Gondola Company offers 50 minute cruises around the bay of Coronado and the best part; you can bring your dog!


As described on their website, “The Gondola Company is your passport to Italy.”   With the ability to accommodate up to six passengers you can make the cruise a romantic ride for two or a group activity.   And if your valentines plans are already booked don’t worry they offer these cruises year round.


San Diego California has often been named one of the most dog friendly cities in the United States. The Gondola Company verifies this statement by allowing you to bring your four legged friends on the cruise at no additional cost. Think of the excitement your dog will feel being out on the open water, relaxing with you and the family while listening to Italian music in the background. Make sure not to come empty handed and bring you and your dates favorite beverage to sip on and your dogs favorite vegan dog treats, Shaded Trails to make the experience that much more perfect.


For many of us who have dogs we know we are constantly looking for activities and locations we can bring them to. The Gondola Company makes this easy by offering a great way to explore part of San Diego while brining your four legged friend with you.