Frequently Asked Questions

A vegan diet for your dog has a variety of nutritional benefits including antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibers.  It has also been shown to have health benefits including allergy and weight control, infection prevention, arthritis regression, and overall health improvement.  With these benefits, Shaded Trails is a perfect fit for you dog!

There are many benefits to a grain free diet for your dog such as a healthier coat and fewer allergies. These allergies can cause many problems for your dog including digestive problems and skin irritations. For this reason we develop our dog treats grain free and plant-based to help your dog look, feel and be at their best.

Shaded Trails All Natural Dog Treats have a shelf life of 1 year. We recommend sealing the pouches after use to maintain freshness.

Our treats are free of pesticides, chemicals, and non-edible substances making them safe for your dog to consume at any age.

We use 100% Human Grade Ingredients and All Natural, , Vegan, and Healthy Ingredients to ensure your feeding your best friend the best for them.

Any orders placed by phone or online from Monday through Thursday are typically shipped within 72 hours. If orders are placed Friday through Sunday or on a holiday, we will process the order the following business day.



  1. Prize- The prize is a year worth of Shaded Trails dog treats. Winner will receive 12 pouches of 8 oz Shaded Trails dog treats.
  2. Who Can Enter- Applicants must reside in the Unites States and be at least 18 years or older to participate in the giveaway.
  3. Duration- Start Date is July 8, 2016. End date December 31, 2016. Winner will be drawn on December 31, 2016. Shipment will arrive a week following the drawing.
  4. How to Enter- Simply submit applicants email on and you will be automatically placed in giveaway drawing.
  5. How Winner is Chosen- Winner is drawn randomly from emailed list
  6. Technical Issues- Duplicate entries will be deleted. If any website or email issues occur you will receive an email instructing you to re-submit your email for giveaway.

All online sales are final. However, if you received the incorrect flavor or packaging please send items to our address listed in our contact page and once we receive them we will resend you the correct items.