Helping Paws Program

Shaded Trails Helping Paws

Shaded Trails, the vegan dog treat company, is proud to announce the release of their Helping Paws Program. The Helping Paws Program helps rescue and shelter animals in need. Shaded Trails will donate 5% of their website orders to their Helping Paws Program to support no-kill animal shelters around the United States.


Shaded Trails is a two-year-old San Diego-based company known for helping around their community. Company employees participate in dog park and beach clean sweeps, keeping dog play areas clean. Shaded Trails also posts articles and checklists designed to educate dog owners on ways to care and support animals – go to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Being a vegan and animal equality company, Shaded Trails has structured a percent of its sales to the Helping Paws Program to support one no-kill animal shelter per quarter. The shelter must be a registered, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, located in the United States. Shaded Trails donation goes toward rescuing, supporting medical treatment, and sheltering of animals in desperate need of love and care.


“We make vegan dog treats for health and taste reasons, but also because we truly believe in compassion and equality for all animals,” said Shaded Trails founder and CEO, J.R. Starlin. Starlin continues, “The Helping Paws Program is set-up to enable Shaded Trails to take our compassion for animals to the next level. The program enables us to be a huge part in rescuing and caring for all kinds of animals in need.”


For more information about the Helping Paws Program, please visit