Our Story

Our mission is to ensure that you always have a choice in how you treat your best friends. Thank you for making Shaded Trails a part of you and your dog’s lives.
A Treat Should be a Treat, Not More Meat!

When we first walked down the dog treat aisle in our local, San Diego, pet store we only saw meat-based treat options for our brand new puppy named Luna. I didn’t want her eating more meat or a huge meat bone as a simple treat or snack. We were simply looking for a natural, minimal ingredient treat that wasn’t meat-based and we couldn’t seem to find anything close to that in stores.


This made us hit the books researching dog’s nutrition and what fruits and vegetables could help a dog’s coat, heart, and overall health. We went door to door talking to veterinarians and animal nutritionist for their respected knowledge on the best diets for dogs to prevent allergies and health issues. We were shocked in what we found out. Dogs are actually omnivores, which means yes, they can eat meat but they can also survive and thrive on a pure vegan diet! We also found that some of the top allergy triggers in dogs are beef, chicken, and other meat-based ingredients that you find in a large number of the dog treats on the aisles today.


With that information, we knew that dog owners needed a choice of what they feed their loved ones for treat time. So we put on our aprons and chef hats and got into the kitchen formulating and experimenting with all kinds of different vegan dog treat recipes. We knew we wanted our treats to be animal product free, grain free, and made only with simple, natural human grade ingredients that are shown to help and be beneficial to your dog’s health. We spent countless hours mixing and baking different gluten and grain free ingredients with the natural fruits and veggies Luna already loved eating. After many months and different recipes, we finally found the perfect combinations that make up our three original Shaded Trails flavors; Peanut Butter & Banana, Sweet Potato & Apple, and Apple & Hemp. Now was time for the true test. Will Luna and her doggie pals like and eat them? We tested the treats out at local dog parks and without any hesitation the dogs ate them right up and were begging for more!


With the right flavors and a treat dogs could not get enough of we were able to start our mission of ensuring that you will always have a choice in how you treat your best friends.