A Vegan Dog?

Shaded Trails The Vegan Dog

Vegan, plant-based, veganism these terms are all used to describe a lifestyle change where animal products are completely eliminated from every day use. This lifestyle change is brought about for two main reasons; one, to help decrease animal cruelty and two, to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Vegan diets tend to have higher amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin c, vitamin e, folic acid, and phytochemicals and lower amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.


Can my dog be vegan?

Dogs are omnivores. They can receive all of their nutrients from plant-based sources. In fact switching your dog to a vegan diet often helps dogs who suffer from food allergies as well as improving their coat and managing weight. Many owners who have switched their dog to a vegan diet also believe it has improved their animal’s energy level and has lead to a longer healthier life for their furry friends.


What are the disadvantages?

If you were to discuss with people who currently feed their dogs a vegan diet they would have a hard time coming up with any disadvantages. The main disadvantage comes from not the diet itself but how you prepare the diet. If not done properly dogs can suffer from inadequate total protein intake, imbalanced amino acids like taurine, and deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals including B vitamins. These deficiencies could lead to health problems if not corrected properly.


How do I make my dog vegan?

The simple solution to the above disadvantages is to learn how to correctly prepare the diet. Switching your dog to a vegan diet requires time, research and effort. It is important to consult your veterinarian before making the switch to discuss any health concerns for your pet. After taking these steps there are many great vegan dog food products out there to feed your dog that are in AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) compliance.   The other option is to make the food yourself. It may be helpful to speak with a veterinary nutritionists to ensure you are creating a balanced diet and to know which dietary supplements might also be needed.


Will my dog like a vegan diet?

As a dog owner you know the excitement that normally comes over your dog when given carrots or sweet potatoes. Switching your dog from a meat based diet to an all plant-based might take time but do not give up. Just like humans certain diet changes can take time so be patient with your pup. Many stores also offer trial sizes of foods to test with your dog if you do not want to buy a large quantity. You can also start the vegan transition with vegan dog treats and then work up to a full vegan diet. We recommend trying Shaded Trails Vegan Dog Treats. These dog treats are vegan, grain free, and made in the USA. They are also free of soy, corn, wheat, and artificial flavors or preservatives so it is a perfect treat to get your dog rolling over in excitement for a new vegan lifestyle. #equality4dogs!