What Do Vegan Dog Treats and Gondolas have in Common?

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Click PLAY below to check out our FOX 5 segment on What Vegan Dog Treats and Gondolas have in Common! Shaded Trails owner J.R. Starlin has two unique jobs. He manufactures and sells vegan dog treats to pet stores, grocery stores and at farmers markets during the day, and rows a gondola at night. J.R. combined his occupations and offered …


Dog Treats for a Year Giveaway!

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Enter to win the “Dog Treats for a Year Giveaway” from Shaded Trails!   A lucky winner will win a full years worth of vegan dog treats from Shaded Trails that are perfect for dogs that struggle with food based allergies from meat-based ingredients or dogs that just simply like delicious and healthy treats.   This giveaway is comprised of 12 Shaded …


Helping Paws Program

Shaded Trails Helping Paws

Shaded Trails, the vegan dog treat company, is proud to announce the release of their Helping Paws Program. The Helping Paws Program helps rescue and shelter animals in need. Shaded Trails will donate 5% of their website orders to their Helping Paws Program to support no-kill animal shelters around the United States.   Shaded Trails is a two-year-old San Diego-based …


Top 3 Fun Activities to Enjoy with your Dog

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Click PLAY below to check out our YouTube video that takes you to the TOP 3 Fun Activities to Enjoy with your Dog!     As named one of the dog friendliest cities in the United States take a moment to check out the great adventures you and your dog can experience together here in San Diego, California. Here is our top 3 list …


Dogs + Wineries = Paradise

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A day spent at a local winery can be a fun and relaxing affair. What could be better than wandering through rows of grapes, packing a picnic lunch, and sipping vino? Of course, the only way to make the day better is to include your furry best friend! A number of wineries across the country are dog-friendly, and compiled below …


Top 5 Tips for Running with Your Dog

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With the recent news of Ludivine the hound dog running a half marathon in an astonishing time of 1:32:56, many pet owners are wondering whether or not their own dogs could be good running partners. After all, not only is exercise good for the health and well-being of both dog and human, but dogs that regularly engage in physical activity …


Dogs and Gondola Rides in Your Backyard

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With Valentines Day fast approaching one might find themselves looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. With numerous items to purchase it is easy to forget to check out activities that are offered in your own backyard.   There is one such activity that will transport you all the way to the romantic canals of Venice, Italy on a …


George Clooney Saves Terriers Life

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All too often the majority of news we hear about animals is tragic – dog fighting, hoarding, or other forms of horrific abuse. Across the country, people and organizations do great things for animals every day. However, when celebrities become involved in the welfare of animals, the whole world seems to take notice. Recently, George Clooney made headlines when he …


A Vegan Dog?

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Vegan, plant-based, veganism these terms are all used to describe a lifestyle change where animal products are completely eliminated from every day use. This lifestyle change is brought about for two main reasons; one, to help decrease animal cruelty and two, to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Vegan diets tend to have higher amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin c, vitamin …